Stretch Goal
The fundraiser ends September 30th. The first diary email went out September 11th.

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Rebranding, what does that mean?

After 15 issues of Offscreen, it’s time for a reset. More than just the design of the magazine itself, our website and backend are in need of an overhaul that allows Offscreen to grow with its audience. For the lack of a better word, we call it a 'rebrand'.

Why a fundraiser?

What makes Offscreen a viable publication is the fact that most of our readers subscribe or buy their copy directly from us through our website. Because we’ve been so focused on making a quality magazine, our website has remained largely unchanged since its inception in 2012. We’d like to provide a better web experience and simpler ways to subscribe, but for that to happen our backend (where all the logistical stuff happens) needs a complete revamp.

So, the majority of the funds raised will go towards hiring a web developer with whom we'll spend the next three months building a new digital home for Offscreen.

What do I get for my pledge?

Every backer gets access to Offscreen’s Rebranding Diary – a weekly email by publisher/editor Kai Brach documenting the rebranding of Offscreen. You can expect:

  • screenshots and design drafts
  • thoughts on creating a great UX for magazine buyers
  • insights into building a custom subscription system
  • behind-the-scenes of the making of an indie magazine
  • involvement through occasional surveys/calls for feedback
  • sneak peeks of the new design
  • coffee-infused rants and contemplations

As a collector, you’re entitled to a limited-edition slip case (?) which we will add to your order of the next issue of Offscreen. As a patron, we’ll also print your name and website into the back of the new issue. As a sponsor, you receive a free sponsor slot in our other newsletter, The Modern Desk, to advertise your business (like so). As an advocate, we give you/your business a shout-out on Twitter and send you a box of 50 back issues of Offscreen. Note that our rewards do not include a copy of the new issue.

What if the funding goal is not reached or exceeded?

The rebranding will go ahead regardless of the success of our fundraiser. If we fall short, we will have to limit the feature set of our website and the scope of the rebrand. If we exceed our goal, we can even include some of our 'nice-to-have' features.

Please know that every dollar raised will go towards building the best possible experience for our readers. The exact distribution of the funds raised will be made public to backers via email.

Update 1: After blasting through our initial goal of $12,000 in 11 hours 😍 😍 😍 , we've set a new stretch goal of $18,000. In the spirit of giving back and also to keep things managable on our end, here's what we'll do once we hit the stretch goal: we'll work with a handful of TechEd organisations to get 350 free copies of back issues into the hands of underprivileged or underrepresented individuals looking for opportunities in the tech/web world. We will update all backers on the final list of organisations (they can be slow to respond). Feel free to suggest your favourite organisation to us! Thank you for your support, and please keep it going!

Update 2: We reached our stretch goal after just four days! A. Mazing. The fundraiser remains open until the end of the month. Additional funds will continue to go towards our rebrand. Remember, you'll receive a breakdown of costs via email at the end. See you in your inbox... ❤️

What’s the timeline?

The first diary entry went out September 11th, but you can still pledge now and to get access to new updates every Sunday. The entire rebranding process will take around 4–5 months with a scheduled launch in late January/early February 2017. The fundraiser remains open until September 30th.